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  My clients frequently ask me what my opinion is regarding chiropractors. I have two responses to that question, one personal and the other professional. Personally, I have been a consumer of chiropractic care for most of my adult life. I first started seeing a chiropractor for back and foot pain from standing on concrete floors for 12 hours a day. The muscular skeletal problems were dramatically reduced with massage therapy and chiropractic care. Staying on a bi-weekly maintenance program enables me to keep healthy for both myself and my clients. Professionally speaking: When a client presents with a particular articulation problem, it is better for that client to see a chiropractor first before a massage. Why? Because, simply put, the issues presenting may not be within my scope of practice to address hands on. The client needs to be evaluated and treated by a higher skilled professional and, with that, comes a diagnosis. When I know for sure what the problem is I can then work with confidence knowing I am providing my client with the appropriate bodywork. As a reminder, massage therapists cannot diagnose. A massage therapist can suspect something is amiss or have a general idea of what might be going on and then refer out. It is mutually beneficial for the client as well as the massage therapist to have a diagnosis to work with. When the spine is in proper alignment, the effects of deep tissue massage therapy can be greatly enhanced. For more info please visit our Deep Tissue Massage Therapy page.   READY TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT? CONTACT US contact-arrow

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